30 Best Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Medium hairstyles for women are among the most popular in terms of hair length and protean too! further than that, the styles a woman with medium length hair can pull off are anything but average.

30 Best Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Medium hairstyles for women are among the most popular in terms of hair length and protean toofurther than that, the styles a woman with medium length hair can pull off are anything but average. To take advantage of all that implicit, a amenability to experiment is a must-haveperhaps it’s time to hitch some style inspo and transfigure those mediumlength cinches into a fresh new hand ‘ do.

Best Medium Hairstyle Ideas

By varying the type of layers and bangs, as well as experimenting with colorful homestretches and color results, you can bring a fresh look to your medium hair without changing anything about the length. In the gallery below, you ’ll find some majestic hairstyles that noway go out of style and fresh ideas you ’ll be tempted to try.

1. Hairstyle with V-cut Layers

Want commodity a little smoother? Angled, v- cut layers look great when nominated straight and will make your cut possibly low-maintenance.However, amp your hairstyle up with flaxen golden highlights mixed with a lighter shade on the top layers of your hair, If your color is starting to look a little dull.


2. Bobbed Volume with Highlights

This is further of a variation of traditional bouquets thanks to the layering. It’s nearly a shag, except that it’s smooth and vocally rounded, not tousled and messy. principally, this involves just one subcaste of layers that bobs vocally over the bottom.

3. Long Disconnected Bob with Highlights

Gone are the days when bouquets would be prim and propermoment’s bouquets embrace choppy layers and ultramodern color jobs. One of delightful hairstyles to play around with is the faded- out highlights that are a new take on the ombré styleCut choppy layers into a long posy for the ultimateA-lister hairstyle.

4. Centre-Parted Disheveled Blonde Bob

With medium hairstyles, you can fluently part your hair down the middle without it looking flat and dullStyle your cinches in messy, uneven swells for an painlessly undone vibe. Top off the hairstyle with a fresh and cool golden color to add some brilliance to your hair.

5. Messy Wavy Lob with Disconnected Ends

still, one of the stylish options then's the long posy, If you ’re new to themid-length hair world. You wo n’t have to deal with the keep of super short hair, but you can still enjoy the fundebonair nature of the cutconclude for disconnected ends to amp up the texture and volume of your style.

6. One-Length Medium Cut with Feathered Layers

Then’s a cute idea of medium length haircuts for women who seek a debonair and sophisticated appearance. Feathered layers swirl around the head creating texture and movement for straight hairHitting just below the shoulders, the each- one- length lob can be parted on the side or down the middle.

7. Center-Parted Ash Brown Hair

A shoulder- length hairstyle is veritably protean as it works for both thin and thicker cinches. You can term it in numerous different waysdepending on the result you want toachieve.However, coil your beaches a bit to repeat this gorgeous crimpy haircut or step it up with stunning ash golden balayage, If you need to add volume to your mane.

8. Feathered Mid-Length Style

For some, wearing hair in downdos is a scary study because hair tends to look flat andboring.However, a longermid-length cut that can fluently be nominated straight is the right bone for you, If this sounds like you. Cut feathered layers to add redundant texture, keeping some shorter bones around the crown.

9. Straight Wispy Chocolate Brown Bob

Stilladd some excitement and brio to your beaches with a simple smooth posy that slightly grazes the shoulders, If you have fine straight hair. Razored or pointcut ends bring interest to one- length hairstyles.

10. Wavy Angled Blonde Combover Lob

Sassy and sexy, a shoulder- length combover lob is the perfect choice when you want an easy- to- manage haircut that will show off the angles of your jawline. The crimpy tendrils can be put away behind one observance or fluently swept up and projected in a pompadour style.

11. Wavy Caramel Balayage Lob

The lob continues to be the most swish cut for womenmaking medial length hair largely requested at salons far and wideWorn with balayage coloring, it becomes the epitome of an over- to- date ‘ do — soft caramel, in particular, is the perfect shade to buck up any face.

12. Rounded A-Line Lob

still, you really ca n’t go wrong with a rounded long posy, If you ’re looking for polished hair cutsKeep the sections of your hair that are closest to your face longer than the rest for a nice angled yet sapped shape. This also allows you to cut long side bangs to frame your face.

13. Cute Side-Parted Ash Brown Bob

Medium haircuts for women can be simple and dégagé, as shown then by this sideparted ash brown posy. For an redundant faceframing touch, tuck a couple of beaches behind one observance to impeccably balance the long peep-a-boo bangs on the other side.

14. Medium Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers

Shoulder length hairstyles frequently need wellshaped layers in order to produce a nicesmooth inflow in your hair. For a rounded shapeconclude for side bangs and swooping layers that fall right at your shoulders. You can indeed add in highlights for some redundant dimension that enhances the dynamic effect from layers.

15. Shoulder-Skimming Caramel Balayage Lob

Chocolate and caramel balayage adds flavor to every mane. Placed miscellaneously, the lighter stripes punctuate medial length hairbringing an redundant cure of newness and dimension to the lob. Make sure to lighten beaches that fall near to cheeks for a further luminous complexion.

16. Medium Shag Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Layers profit thick cinches and produce a abecedarian structure. Shag cuts work well for medium length hairgiving off the appearance of controlled chaos. Also, this ‘ do suits women who work in a professional terrain and do n’t like too short cuts.

17. Shoulder-Length Cut with Textured Ends

Medium hair looks stunning when cut in layers as it allows to give thick hair a more flattering shapenominated with a deep side parting, this hairstyle looks really brassyso if that’s what you want – show this print to your stylist right downCoil your hair for soft swells, and you ’re ready to impress everyone around.

18. Medium Blonde Cut with Feathered Ends

stillask your hairstylist to add long curtain bangs and cut further layers over the entire length of your hair, If your mediumlength haircut with a middle part seems too ordinary for you. This hairstyle will be perfect for a romantic date or summer walk along the sand.

19. Tousled Layered Blonde Balayage Lob

An edgier take on the lob is created through layered cutsblanched cinches and tousled styles. With the said triad, your morning styling routine can be minimized, because then fault is the end.

20. Shoulder-Length Shaggy Cut with Choppy Fringe

20. Concentrated shag is extremely good in adding further movement and direction to cinchesespecially when paired with a borderlineMedium haircuts with choppy bangs like this is a real stunner on straight and crimpy hair.

21. Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Bright Highlights

stilltry a lob with arbitrary layers, If you ’ve been blessed with crimpy or curled hair. The ash brown base color with bright golden highlights adds a gusto of feminity and dresses up the sportfuldégagé haircut.

22. Brown Style with Bangs and Caramel Highlights

Calling all our brunette babesAdd some dimension to your brown hair cuts by subtly pressing your base( but sticking to the same color family). Top off the new style with bangs — a sweet addition to any midi hairstyle!

23. Long Bob with Waves and Side Bangs

This elegant crimpy haircut with sunkissed balayage looks incredibly gorgeous. To produce this slightly crimpy texture, you need to apply a volumizing spray or any other applicable hair product to your cinches and coil their ends a bit with a entwining wand.

24. Blonde A-line Lob with Face-Framing Layers

Haircuts for women who want to keep their hair at the shoulder length work best when bangs are involvedGet a cute accentuation and cut side bangs that fluently flow across the main sluice of your cinchesAdd in golden highlights to eclipse off this sweet hairstyle and style with a straightener or a entwining iron — the choice is yours!

25. Cute Medium Hairstyle with Flipped Ends

Looking for a style that’s a little bit longer? Let your hair stay past your shoulders and cut long angled bangs. Textured ends can be coiled or flipped up for a gorgeous style full of depth and energy.

26. Wavy Shaggy Blonde Balayage Lob

Is it a lob or a shag? Actually, it’s both, and it’s one of our favorite shoulder length hairstyles for women. Center- parted, with a pixie tousled finish, the piece- y honey golden cinches graze the cheekbones and chin, landing exactly at the top of the shoulders.

27. Dimensional Blonde Balayage Bob

Chancing the right hairstyles for women with graying hair can be dispiriting, but a good way to ease into the transition is with chunky ash golden highlights. Coordinate the golden shade with your layers for an intriguing two- toned lookStyle your hair straight and enjoy a satiny hairstyle all day long.

28. Medium Style with Long Feathered Layers

Hairstyles with longer layers and bangs are great for anyone looking for a cut with little keep. You can conclude for no layers at each, but in order to give your hair movement and texture, try long, feathered layers. You'll have a lasting hairstyle that looks great.

29. Caramel Blonde Layered Bob

Medium hair styles for straight hair also need some layers for a boost of visualinterest.However, concentrated bouquets can be done on any hair type, but suit naturally straighter beaches stylish, If you like this look.

30. Medium Hairstyle with Backswept Layers

 To really get a volumized and texturized stylecut a shoulder- length hairstyle with at least three different situations of layers. Use a entwining iron to get your hair into the perfect wind- swept style. With colored or stressed hairdo n’t be hysterical to let your roots show through for added depth.